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PT Delta Mutiara Mahakam is a family-owned company, established in 2004 by Mrs. Nanik Rikawardani began operations as a shipping company with chartering vessel to oil and gas companies engaged in the exploration and development of oil and gas resources within Indonesia. Equipment ranging from speedboats, sea truck, mooring boats, tugboat, barge and landing craft have been servicing Delta Mutiara Mahakam’s client through out Indonesia and within the South East Asian region.

PT Delta Mutiara Mahakam is an Indonesian registered company that is fully licensed by the relevant Government authorities to offshore shipping licence complete with every type of permit necessary to participate in tendering for shipping services in all sector in Indonesia. Copies of Indonesian licences are given overleaf.

PT Delta Mutiara Mahakam has an extensive track record of major projects carried out during the past three years. With a relatively young fleet, PT Delta Mutiara Mahakam now has a solid competitive advantage against its competitors.

We trust that this introductory document shall give an insight to the level of expertise, dedication and professionalism that PT Delta Mutiara Mahakam would bring to any marine offshore project.

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